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Some Thoughts on Biblestudy

We have made the scriptures a self-help reference book, sifting through it pages topically to find scriptures that give credence or guidance to our particular situation. Of course, scripture has the capacity within it to exhort and encourage however, it was meant for more than that. Going to the Bible just to find an answer to a problem, often leads to gross misinterpretation of the Word. Scripture is often taken out of context to make them relevant to current circumstances.

Instead, of looking for answers to problems or situations, look for a person. Look for Jesus. Every book speaks of him. Every book testifies of him, his heart, his nature, his roles. He said: “’Behold, I have come— in the volumeof the book it is written of me— to do your will, O God’”( Hebrews 10:7).  Jesus met two men walking on the road to Emmaus. They were discussing the events that had just taken place concerning Jesus’ death, and were discussing prophecies were written concerning him. However, they did not see him in the scriptures. They were just acquainted with what was said, just the letter. Jesus met then and beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, he expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27). He opened their eyes to see beyond just the words and see him.  Likewise, we may have recited and memorized passages of scripture to which we need the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus.

Consider for example, the book of Genesis. In this book, he is the seed of the woman promised to crush the head of Satan. Everything revolves around this prophetic declaration and promise. From Abraham’s call, to the substitution of the ram for Isaac’s life, to Jacob’s inner wrestling, Joseph’s rejection by his brethren, being sold and his ascension to prominence, and the forming the nation of Israel. All of it is centered around Jesus. Every book is that way. If you look for the king, you will discover his kingdom, the culture of his kingdom, his heart, his ways, and you will also find yourself within his wondrous plans. It’s so awesome to find Christ in his word, you eventually find yourself. It is written, in Colossians 3:3you died, and your life is hiddenwith ChristinGod.” Thank you, Jesus!

I believe, the late Watchman Nee said it best in his book “How to Study the Bible” (great book by the way!): “The Bible is not merely a book of facts and doctrines. On the surface there are words. Underneath the words, there are thoughts, and behind the thoughts is the spirit. If we only touch the words, our reading of the Bible is too superficial. If we can form a proper impression and enter into the thoughts behind the words, we have gone deeper. However, if we remain in this realm, our understanding is still very limited. Behind every word of God is a certain spirit…. when we study the Bible, we have to touch the spirit behind the word.”

Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will always testify of Jesus, and Jesus will always point you to the father. The reason why there is little growth after extensive Bible study or teaching is because we are caught up in the letter, the words. We are looking for a momentary devotional to appease our flesh in our current situation. We should abandon that mindset and begin to seek first the kingdom. Once we do that…. all things will be added unto us. And when we see HIM, we will see the ANSWER we’ve been looking for.  

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