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Some Thoughts on Biblestudy

We have made the scriptures a self-help reference book, sifting through it pages topically to find scriptures that gi...

Penalties Against the Play

Since all three of my sons play football, I get to attend numerous games throughout the fall season. At one game my e...

Suicide on the Rise!

According to the national news source CNN, suicide in the US has risen by 25% since 1999, and in some parts of the co...

Can a Christian Have a Demon?

The short answer to this question is, Yes! Emphatically, yes, and many believers need deliverance from demons. Many p...

Prayers that Change NOTHING!

Countless times, I have heard people in frustration explain that they have lost their zeal to pray because, they “hav...

God's Love - The Answer to the Void in Your Life

One passage of scripture that most captures the quality, depth, breath and mind-blowing nature of God’s love is found...
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