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Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

  • How do I deal with Depression

    Get in the Word. If your depression is deeper, read the Psalms – the entire book if you need to. And while you’re reading, underline the areas that talk about God’s love. Spend some time thinking about God’s love. And then spend some time in prayer by asking God to help you feel his love for you. You can also bring your feelings of discouragement and depression to God and ask Him to help you break out of them. Do something positive. This might mean getting active by taking a walk or run, and putting something good in your mind by reading a positive book and listening to good music. You could also write a letter to someone. The point is to get your focus off yourself and onto the positive.

  • How do I overcome drug abuse?

    This is a brief response, not at all comprehensive. However, overcoming any addiction requires a combination of spiritual, mental and emotional intervention. All three levels respond to prayer and the word as long as you are targeted and focused on improving your life and getting rid of the coping mechanism. For more information, contact us via our counseling option. WE WILL DEFINITELY KEEP YOU IN PRAYER. GOD IS ABLE! 

  • I sold my house!

    Thats great! thanks for the update

  • I need prayer about selling my house

    Our prayer team is on it

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