Freedom is a reality in Christ!

Deliverance: A Truth Encounter (Part 1)

This course provides the basics for any ministry leader, intercessor, or ministry facilitator who wants to learn how to bring people out of various forms of spiritual bondage. The course defines demonic portals, entry points, and attachment to the different places of the human trichotomy. Some time is given to explain how believers can also be afflicted with demonic oppression and how freedom is guaranteed through the blood of Jesus Christ.

What’s Covered: Each lesson includes a 30 minute lecture, outline, and quiz which must be completed prior to proceeding to the next lesson. 

  • Lesson One: Can a Christian Have a Demon?
  • Lesson Two: Ways Demons Afflict
  • Lesson Three: Entry Points and Doors  
  • Lesson Four: Soul Ties & Influence
  • Lesson Five:
  • Lesson Six:
  • Lesson Seven:
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