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Demons and Angels

This course provides answers about the origin of demonic spirits, ghosts, familiar spirits, principalities and powers. If you are new to demonology, and need biblical instruction for enlightenment or to help others who may be bound in one form or another, this is the course for you.

What’s Covered: Each lesson includes a 30 minute lecture, outline, and quiz which must be completed prior to proceeding to the next lesson.  

    • Lesson One: Kingdom of Light: Angelic Beings Defined in Scripture
    • Lesson Two: Kingdom of Light: Functions of Angels
    • Lesson Three: Kingdom of Darkness: Satan & Fallen Angels
    • Lesson Four: Kingdom of Darkness: Satan’s Hierarchy – Spiritual Lords
    • Lesson Five: Kingdom of Darkness:  Understanding Demons and Other Spiritual Forces of Wickedness
  • Lesson Six: Kingdom of Light: The Authority of the Believer I
  • Lesson Seven: Kingdom of Light: The Authority of the Believer II
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