Freedom is a reality in Christ!

About GGates


The name GGates (God’s Gates) came from the concept of ancient kingdoms having entry gates. These gates provided entry into another realm, atmosphere, government even culture. God’s kingdom maintains and cultivates a culture of liberation, restoration and wholeness for its people. The entire government personifies, breathes and speaks life.  Through GGates we are providing an online link or connection to the principles that govern the culture of a divine kingdom, thereby providing its members access to the same citizen benefits of healing, restoration and grace. The goal is to provide the resources people need to find freedom, by connecting them with a divine culture. Therefore, GGates is not just about dispensing information but creating community that fosters spiritual, emotional and mental health.  


GGates is for anyone interested in obtaining or learning about spiritual freedom and wholeness in Christ. You may know someone who struggles with depression, uncontrolled rage, anger, fear, torment or sexual bondage. You may dissociate in your thoughts and relationships, or simply lack direction for your life as whole. GGates provides the biblical teachings that address issues that are not commonly discussed in Christian circles but are real issues people face every day. So, whether you need healing for yourself, or looking for resources to help others GGates will help you grow.  

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