Freedom is a reality in Christ!


In Jesus name, I renounce and repent of the iniquity in my life the iniquity of my forefathers. Lord you said if I return to you and repent of the iniquity in my family, you will remember your covenant (Leviticus 26:40-42). The new covenant in Christ redeems me from every generational curse (Galatians 3:13). I repent for the vows and judgments I have made that have kept me trapped in a place of bondage, and I renounce them all now in Jesus name. Father cleanse my foundations. Uproot every part that was established in sin. Be the cornerstone of my life. Expose every lie in my heart. I renounce the refuge that I have made these lies and cancel every covenant with death (Isaiah 28). Father you said in Isaiah 59 that your arms are not too short that they cannot reach me, nor your ears dull that they cannot hear, but it is my sin that has separated me from you. I have prayed about these issues many times before. I have fasted many times before. But now I see that they are rooted in my foundation. Cleanse me. Make me whole. Renew my life in you. Renew your covenant with me. I surrender. I come to you broken and contrite. I have wrestled with your word and have decided to submit to the full counsel of your truth.  

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